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I am a multi-media artist; my speciality is paper cut-out, but I also work in fiber art and printing.  My work is about piecing, layering, transformation and connection.

I was drawn to this kind of work because I feel like it reflects the hidden complexity of the human condition. We are all multi-layered and intertwined individuals. There is depth and meaning that lies below our public persona. I layer my work in an attempt to call attention to the near invisible layers in the world.

In my collage, I get joy from uncoupling the familiar; out of context a photo from a snowy landscape in a national geographic magazine can become the downy feathers of a blue heron, tire tracks in the dirt become wood grain in the floorboards in a room, or green terraced field can become a wrinkles in a dress. I love the treasure hunt; I look through my various sources for light, color, texture, and gradient. Old maps, used books, vintage magazines, tissue and hand made papers, are some of my favorite materials.


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I live in Berkeley, CA

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